Monday, October 29, 2012

Human Thirst Makes Earth Quake - Crown Capital Eco Management Renewable Energy Scam

Human Thirst Makes Earth Quake

As we all know earthquake is a catastrophic natural disaster. Most earthquake-related deaths
are caused by the collapse of structures and the construction practices play a tremendous role
in the death toll of an earthquake. In southern Italy in 1909 more than 100,000 people perished
in an earthquake that struck the region. Almost half of the people living in the region of
Messina were killed due to the easily collapsible structures that dominated the villages of the
region. Though there are some ways to prevent this from happening, it can never be considered
as risk avoidance.

A larger earthquake that struck San Francisco three years earlier had killed fewer people (about
700) because building construction practices were different type (predominantly wood).
Survival rates in the San Francisco earthquake was about 98%, that in the Messina earthquake
was between 33% and 45%) (Zebrowski, 1997). Even a moderate rupture beneath a city with
structures unprepared for shaking can produce tens of thousands of casualties. Due to this
fact, Crown Eco Managementdetermined that safety measures for this could not be compared
to fraud prevention.

Although probably the most important that we should know, direct shaking effects are not the
only hazard associated with earthquakes, other effects such as landslides, liquefaction, and
tsunamis have also played important part in destruction produced by earthquakes.
According to the Crown researchers, some earthquakes are not natural. Human beings can
actually cause them.

That’s the case with an earthquake in Lorca, Spain, last May. The quake measured 5.1 on the
Richter scale and killed nine people. According to an analysis published in Crown Eco
Management, the Lorca quake was caused by the extraction of groundwater from an aquifer
near the fault that slipped. In circumstance, it does not take much to trigger an earthquake. Oil
and gas wells, rock quarries, even the added pressure of a reservoir lake behind a new dam can
cause the ground to rumble. But we do not know what pressure levels are safe, nor is it clear
whether man-made quakes are unique or just the early arrival of temblors that would have
occurred naturally. In the Lorca quake, the shaking itself was much stronger than might be
expected from the removed water pressure.

And so with this, we may be able to start earthquakes but we cannot predict their size as just
like what we can do to some renewable energy scam. If we could, we might be able to relieve
stress on schedule and without loss of property- or life.

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