Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Livejournal - Reducing Energy Cost Through Boiler Efficiency - Crown Jakarta Management

Boiler Efficiency – Why is it important?

·          Cost of boiler fuel is 2.5–3 times higher than 4 years ago and continues to rise.
·          May be the highest single feed manufacturing cost??
·          Competition knows it is important!!
·          Company feed mill managers
·          Agri-stats
·          BOSS wants lower costs!!!

Boiler Efficiency
·          Input Energy
·          Fuel oil
·          Natural gas
·          Propane
·          Output Energy
·          Process Steam

General Boiler Information

·          1 boiler horse power = 42,000 BTUs of INPUT
·          1 pound of steam =1,200 BTUs of INPUT fuel
·          Typical boiler efficiency = 75-85%
·          New high efficiency near 90%
·          Fuel sources:
·          Natural Gas = 1,031 BTU/ft3
·          Propane = 91,000 BTU/gal
·          Fuel Oil = 139,000 BTU/gal


A Fable

A feed mill manager once went to a wise man for help in improving his inefficient, unprofitable feed milling operation. The wise man wrote a charm on a piece of paper and sealed it in a box that he gave to the manager.
“Carry this box into every part of your mill three times each day for a year,” he told him. The mill manager did so.
In the morning he carried the box and its charm into the warehouse and found a laborer fast asleep on a pile of sacks instead of working. At noon, he carried it up to the milling floor, he noticed a leak in a spout that was contaminating a bin of grain. He also spotted a hot bearing and called a mechanic to grease it. At night, he carried the box to the packing room and found his employee overfilling the bags.
Everyday, as he took the box and its charm from place to place in the mill he found things to correct. At the end of the year, he returned the box to the wise man.
“Let me keep the charm for one more year,” he begged. “My mill is more efficient and more profitable than it has every been before”
The wise man smiled and took the box. “I’ll give you the charm itself,” he said. He broke the seal, lifted out the piece of paper and handed it to the mill manager.


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